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Hello Readers, India is a very large country, its geographical boundaries are very complex and lengthy, so there are always challenges to the security system of the country. These challenges include terrorism, smuggling, etc. Therefore, to protect such a large country, a large army has been kept by the Government of India which has the burden of security. 

In order to reduce the burden of security on the military, other organs like BSF, a paramilitary force, CRPF, etc. have also been included in the army by the Government of India. Because of all these, the army is now doing its job independently. BSF of India i.e. Border Security Force i.e. Border Security Force. They are responsible for security on the borders around India. The Chief of BSF is assigned The task to protect India’s international borders.

Very commendable and incredible work is being done by BSF on the border. He also treats the citizens at the border very generously. He keeps the security of the country in check by risking his life. Many military operations have been successfully carried out by the BSF, which proves how brave and loyal the BSF is to the country. 

Seema Darshan Project 2022 has been launched by the Department of Tourism, Government of Gujarat in collaboration with the Government of India to show the incomparable work of BSF to the citizens of India. Through this scheme, citizens will be able to see firsthand the stories of BSF’s indomitable courage. Therefore, detailed information on Seema Darshan Project 2022, such as what is Seema Darshan program, what are its objectives and benefits, where is Seema Darshan project starting, etc., is given in this article. Be sure to read to the end.

Seema Darshan Project 2022

India’s security challenges are huge. Many forces have been formed by the Government of India to deal with these challenges. Of these, BSF is a very important organ that is part of the security of India’s western and eastern borders. The BSF has been doing commendable work in the interest of the country on the border, so to show the astonishing work of the BSF to the public, the Union Minister for Planets and Cooperatives, Mr. Amit Shah on April 10, 2022, in Banaskantha district of Gujarat on the India-Pakistan border.

Seema Darshan Project 2022 has been inaugurated at Seema Darshan at the Nadabet location, Gujarat by Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel and Gujarat Tourism Minister Mr. Punesh Modi on the occasion of the inauguration of the Seema Darshan Project & Director General of BSF were also present.

Seema Darshan - Nada Bet

During the inauguration of Seema Darshan Project 2022, Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah said that this multi-purpose and tourism promoting project has been completed under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. At the same time, he said that our country is setting new records in the world as our border security forces are fulfilling their responsibility of security. Let us explain here that BSF is the largest border security force in the world. The BSF was formed on December 1, 1965, and is headquartered in Delhi with the motto “Duty for life”.

Seema Darshan project has been developed on the lines of the Bagha Attari border of Punjab at the Nadabet location in Gujarat. This project has been developed by the Tourism Department of the Gujarat Government and BSF Gujarat Frontier through a joint initiative. Completion of the Seema Darshan project will boost tourism and create new employment opportunities. The total estimated cost of the Seema Darshan program is about Rs. 125 crores .

Seema Darshan Project 2022 Highlights-

PlanProven Purpose Boundary Philosophy Project 2022
PurposeTo show the daily and adventurous activities of BSF to the citizens
Red gainPromoting tourism and employment
The beginningBy the Department of Tourism,
Government of India and Government of Gujarat,
and BSF
YearApril 10, 2022
Plan cost125 crores

Highlights of Seema Darshan Project 2022-

The working style of BSF personnel will be vividly portrayed in the Seema Darshan program. So that the people of the country will be able to know about the adventures of BSF. The main attractions of BSF are-

  • The main attraction of BSF includes a daily parade by BSF soldiers. The spectators will feel thrilled and proud to see the parade.
  • A grand monument called “Ajay Prahari” has also been erected in memory of our heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives while defending the country, which will be easily accessible to the spectators.
  • Various weapons such as missiles, T-55 tanks, artillery guns, torpedoes, radar, Bing, and fighter jets like Ming 21, were used by Indian soldiers and heroic grandsons of BSF in tourist Nadabet under the Seema Darshan program. You will also be able to see MIG-27 etc.

Objectives of Seema Darshan Project 2022-

The Seema Darshan project has been started jointly by the Center and the Government of Gujarat. Nadabet located in Gujarat can also be called the Bagha border of Gujarat. It is to be noted that Nadabet played an important role during the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971. Under the Seema Darshan project, the main focus has been on developing tourism on the border in areas with low populations and low vegetation. This scheme will promote tourism and also create employment and prevent border infiltration, smuggling, etc.

The aim of the Seema Darshan project is to provide a great opportunity for the people to know how the lives of BSF personnel on the borders of India are full of struggles and struggles and to develop Nadabet as a tourist destination, The Seema Darshan project aims to provide an opportunity to the citizens of the country to see the lifestyle and daily activities of the BSF personnel protecting their mother India directly and closely.

Benefits of Seema Darshan Project 2022-

Home Minister Shri Amit Shah inaugurated the Seema Darshan Project 2022 on April 10, 2022, at a place called Nadabet in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat. The main benefit of the Seema Darshan project is to promote tourism and from there promote employment of surgeons there. Other benefits of Seema Darshan Project 2022 are-

  • Under Seema Darshan Project 2022, the citizens of the country will be able to be aware of the adventurous deeds of BSF and they themselves can awaken the spirit of patriotism by seeing the patriotism of BSF personnel.
  • Under the Seema Darshan project, the citizens of the nation will have more confidence in the BSF and the army and they will have confidence that the security of their country is in safe hands.
  • Through this scheme, the citizens of the country will be able to visit the border and see the weapons used by the BSF in the war.
  • Citizens of the country will be thrilled to see the missile tanks, cannons, fighter jets, machine guns, radar, etc. up close under the Seema Darshan project.
  • Citizens of the country will also feel thrilled and proud to see the military parade organized by BSF.
  • The arrival of people there through the Seema Darshan Project 2022 will boost tourism which will lead to a massive generation of employment.
  • With the commencement of Seema Darshan Yojana, cross-border infiltration, smuggling, etc. can be prevented.
  • All facilities have been developed for tourists in Nadabet by the Government of Gujarat. 3 Arrival Food Plazas have also been constructed hereunder Seema Darshan project. In the food plaza, you can enjoy the local cuisine as well as the famous dishes of the country.
  • If the Seema Darshan project is successful, the food industry, tourism industry, hotel industry, etc. will get a boost here.
  • A parade ground with a capacity of 5000 people will also be set up to watch the BSF parade live.

Thoughts on Seema Darshan Project 2022

After evaluating the Seema Darshan Project 2022, it can be said that this scheme will instill a sense of patriotism in the citizens of the country and at the same time people will be able to get a closer look at the day-to-day operations of BSF which will be very inspiring. Will also help in increasing tourism and employment.

So dear friends, if you like the information given about the Seema Darshan project, be sure to share it and if anyone wants to give us suggestions or questions, you can ask through comments. You will be given your answer and be sure to press the notification button for details of other upcoming plans and projects.

What is Seema Darshan Project 2022?

The Seema Darshan project has been started to develop a sense of nationalism in the citizens and to make them take a border tour in Nadabet.

What is the purpose of the Seema Darshan Project 2022?

The objective of this scheme is to promote tourism and employment and to make the people of the country aware of the daily activities of BSF.

Who started the Seema Darshan program?

Uttar Seema Darshan Program has been started with the help of the Government of India and the Department of Tourism, the Government of Gujarat, and BSF

What is the total cost of the Seema Darshan project?

The total cost of the Uttar Seema Darshan project is Rs. 125 crore

Where has the Seema Darshan project been started?

Uttar Seema Darshan project has been started at a place called Nadabet in Banaskantha district of Gujarat

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